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We do on a "while you wait " basis.

A few pages of A4 size may be completed within a few hours ‚”‚ your complete satisfaction. A 200-page book of approx. 13 x 18 ‚ƒ‚, within 3 weeks.

Your books, business letters, catalogues, research/study reports, operation/instruction manuals, articles, theses, and any other business letters, and love-letters.

Major translators

Professor, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Education granted in 2000 by IOND University
Diploma of Hon.Prof. granted in 2004 by M.S.U.
Diploma of Hon.Sultan granted in 2006 by Mindanao S.G.D.
Diploma of Hon.Prof. granted in 2006 by University of Lodz
Diploma of Hon.Prof. granted in 2007 by EARIST

Interpreter/translator at Public Safety Division, CIS, G2, GHQ
Taught Technical English writing at NEC, Toshiba, Honda and IBM in Japan.
Experienced in Air Traffic Control as a Controller at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. USA.

American name is Dr. Ortega I. Nakano.

Professor, Ph.D.
HOKKAIDO University, Graduate school research student.
Instructor of HOKKAIDO University, Department of education.
Financial consultant of General Electric Company.

Ph.D. in Economics granted in 2002 by IOND University
Ph.D. in Inernatinal economic science granted in 2007 by M.S.U.
Diploma of Hon.Prof. granted in 2008 by University of Lodz

The research announcements are much in the following international academic associations. American economics Association, International Society of Research for Health Financial Management, International Health Economics Association, The Japan Society of Monetary Economics, Japanese Asoociation of medical sciences et al.
American name is Dr. James T. Shimizu.

Further services include printing/binding and publishing on demand.
Translation Research Center

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