Whenever anything or any information that concerns IOND University, is spread through the internet, whoever may do it, direct contact must be made with IOND University in advance for making sure that such information is true and correct.

It is a criminal act of defamation or obstruction of business to dispatch one-sidedly any false or faked information, not knowing anything about the real state of IOND University's educational activities and academic researches.

Against IOND University and its personnel that have been in compliance with the American historical tradition, Common Law, its Constitution and Hawaii State Law, there have been deliberately and repeatedly such crimes committed as business obstruction and defamation. Actually, there has been false or faked information alleged among U.S. Governmental offices and organs.

The following persons are the chronic liars, habitual offenders and degenerate leftists, all affirming crimes;

1. Mr.Shigeru Kojima  2. Mr.Akashi Ikeda  3. Mr.Masaki Kito  4. Mr.Takashi Yamaguchi  5. Mr.Kengo Hashizume  6. Mr.Toshihiro Yoshimoto  7. Mr.Nobuo Sakiyama  8. Mr.Hironari Noda  9.The persons concerned.

Included in these people are two ex-convicts, one with two previous convictions of extortion and the other with three of assault.
They are planning only to make money by concretely organizing system of members on a monthly so-much-pay basis for collecting customers for consulting by abusing not only IOND University but other enterprises and individuals. This harmful propaganda may have impressed innocent people that they are based on the leftists' principles in opposition to strengthening of the U.S.-Japan Alliance and to infant pornography prohibition law and revision of Japanese Constitution.
However, their true intention in a series of their activities is just moneymaking and self-protection.

It should be noted that IOND University has appealed to the law, civil and criminal ,the persons that had long kept the faked information about IOND University through the internet. As a result, we won the cases and were paid a compensation of nearly a million yen for the crimes.

Furthermore, There is a section in the State of Oregon, USA, called O.D.A. (Office of Degree Authorization) and through its web-site, information is dispatched about universities in U.S.A. However, its information is capricious because it is legally groundless and cannot be proved to be true. IOND University has sent the O.D.A. a series of questions as to “ How do you keep the correctness of the information that it dispatches? ” “ Who is in charge of O.D.A. ? ” “ How do you collect and analyze the information and can you say the information is correct regarding IOND University ? ” “we believe it is all faked at least as long as IOND University is concerned. This O.D.A.’s stances are likened to a private person making fun of dispatching hokum as he pleases. We have so far into received any reply to any of the questions and comments said above. Such being the case, it is rather illegal far from being irresponsible, and Therefore we have sent O.D.A our request to check the information control system. It seems that the person in charge of O.D.A. never knows the American Common Law.

May we take the liberty of asking all the personnel related to IOND University not to be deceived by these anti-social groups ?
When such malevolent activities are noticed, please inform us of the matter at the Legal section of IOND University,Tokyo. Thank you.

IOND University CLO, Masamichi Kato