Q&A / Guidance for Admission

What age group is most represented ?

Age does not matter for admission to IOND University. IOND was founded to spread life long learning and to enable all members of society obtain an academic degree. Most students are in their thirties or forties, but we receive applications from both men and women, ranging from their twenties to their seventies.

Is it true that credits already earned in other universities/ colleges or social experiences are counted as IOND University credits ?
Yes, it is true. Each student's educational background, thesis, writings, studies, social activities, qualifications, career, etc. will count towards IOND University credits. If the converted credits already exceed the standards for graduation, the students will be able to graduate by submitting a graduation thesis or dissertation. If the student does not have enough credits to graduate, they must study the necessary subjects before submitting their thesis or dissertation for graduation. The thesis or dissertation may be submitted by mail or e-mail. We value your personal experience.

What is the educational background of the applicants?  What is their primary motivation ?

Each student has a different educational background and reason for studying. Some people want to complete an academic degree or evaluation which they started previously, or upgrade their work skills or general knowledge. Most applicants, however, have the ability and the talent, but not an academic degree or evaluation. Others have chosen to accelerate their careers through IOND distance learning.

How do you select the students for admission ?

The masters or doctorate degree programs are only open to university graduates. Applicants for other programs are examined through a two stage screening process in accordance with the IOND University's criteria.

Is it acceptable to write papers or the graduation thesis in Portuguese,Spanish,French and Japanese ?

Yes, however, the summaries attached to the graduation thesis or dissertation must be written in English. In cases of difficulty, our secretariat staff is available to translate the summaries.

Must students attend classroom schooling ?

In principle, classroom schooling is not required. However, it depends on the subjects chosen. Students receive credits for studies carried out and are evaluated by mail or e-mail.

How long are students enrolled in IOND University ?

The length of time depends on what is studied and how many credits are to be earned. In cases where students cannot finish the curriculum within two years, they may extend their enrollment for a period of one year and follow the adjournment procedures.

How do students apply for programs of no tuition and degree? How are they awarded ?

Students will be informed whether or not they have passed within four weeks after submitting the required documents. If a student does not pass, additional papers or corrections or additions to the thesis will be requested. A thesis is not required for an Associate's program of no tuition and degree.Those who complete IOND's programs are given the certificates.

Can student apply M.A. or Ph.D. program of no tuition and degree if they already have B.A. ?

Yes, they can conditionally. Since their social activities after graduation are converted to the IOND's credits, all the students need is to earn newly the necessary credits. Therefore, The IOND's programs of no tuition and degree are very efficient for working people to obtain new academic certificates or evaluations.

Any rules for the graduation thesis or dissertations ?

Students can choose any theme freely in their subjects and write the required volume of papers for the graduation thesis.

 Guidance for Admission
Junior College/  College/ Graduate School

 Counting the credits

Each student's educational background, career, achievements, qualifications, thesis, writings and/or studies are evaluated and converted towards IOND University credits. The credits are determined according to IOND University's standard of conversion. If students do not have enough credits to graduate, they must carry out additional studies to finish the subjects. Students are required to submit papers on a given theme according to the textbook or reference materials specified by the professor.

 Application requirements

Junior College and College
1.High School graduates or those who have finished the general 12-years school education. (Those who left high school before graduating need to clear the IOND's requirement for matriculation.)

2.Those who are judged by IOND University as having the equivalent qualification of a High School diploma.

3.Those who have more than five years of work experience in a specialized field.

Graduate School
1. IOND's Programs are that no tuition is required and no degree will be issued under HRS 446E.

2. University graduates with Bachelor's or Master's degree.

3. People who earned more than 120 credits in a university other than IOND.

4. People who have a career, experience, education and achievements equivalent to more than 120 credits according to IOND's criteria.

5. Those who wish to apply for a Ph.D. program of no tuition and degree need to meet one of the above criteria (1, 2 or 3), and have a Master's degree or more than 40 credits towards a Master's degree.

 Student selection

The 1st screening
Preliminary screening is made to ensure that the selection standards meet with the applicant needs.

The 2nd screening
An evaluation of the applicant's qualifications is made in order to count the experience and achievements in regards to IOND credits. An interview and/or a written test will be organized if necessary. Those who are admitted will be so informed.

 Application documents

For the 1st screening
Applicants are to submit the application without any charge for the screening.

For the 2nd screening
Applicants are required to submit the application, along with personal history statement including information on the subjects studied previously and the number of credits earned, together with three photographs of the applicants (4 cm x 3 cm).

 Procedure for registration

After the passing the screening is confirmed the following items will be mailed to the student:  (1) License of Entrance,  (2) ID card,  (3) Subject list, and  (4) Texts.  Students should follow the academic teachings from the professor in charge and must send their report by mail or e-mail to earn credits. Please note that a false statement by the student in regard to his/her personal history is subject to cancellation of admission. There is no (1)〜(4) item in case of the honorary degree courses.


First, download the Application Form ("Evaluation and Admission Application") , and preserve it in the file. After filling out necessary contents in this form, please send the Application Form via email or fax.

If you wish for further information, please e-mail at