Agreement fo cooperation and scholarly exchange
the University of Lodzki,Poland and the IOND University,Tokyo,Japan

The College of Economics-Sociology,University of Lodzki
University Conference Room
Research Room
Coffee Shop in Lodzki City
Mess Hall
University-attached Hotel
In front of University-attached Hotel
Restaurant in Lodzki City
Movie Memorial in Lodzki City
Main Street of Lodzki City
Tram Car
Appreciation 2007 from IOND

Guests 2007 from Lodzki
The leftmost is Prof.Kubota,IOND

In the room of Madam,Marie Curie(1867〜1934)

In the Town of Warsaw

Lecture 1,IOND

Lecture 2,IOND

In the Old Royal Garden

Birth Place of Frederic Chopin(1810〜1849)

Academic Cooperation 2008