Message from The Provost

I would simply like to explain our education principles to people who would like to join IOND University. We offer an alternative education experience that overcomes the obstacles of the traditional education system. Under the present university system, an uniform education is dispensed where many students are crammed into large lecture rooms and students are given one-sided lectures by professors. This system also attaches high importance to having a good memory. Because of this situation, many students tend to lose their eagerness for learning. Furthermore, in Japan there is a strong tendency to judge students based solely on their rank within the system. A few elites are chosen as the winners. These elites perpetuate the system, forcing the same educational system on people through their status and power. There are some correspondence universities in Japan, but the students are forced to adhere to a four-year program and residential studies. The result is that less than 3 percent of the students graduate. This situation shows that the desires and the needs of people are not being met. IOND University gives person-to-person lectures to its students via the Internet ( e-mail ). We challenge the traditional education system of uniform grade evaluation by test scores‘memorizing’s learning method, and the way as the university forces its sense of values to the students. We set our educational programs according to the needs of the student. IOND University takes pride in its ways and helps in developing talented people who are prepared for the 21st century. In other words, we teach our students to convert personal experience into learning. We learn many things from our daily experiences, including the laws and the systems of life. However, very few people can change these personal experiences into learning. For example, a manual laborer learns construction skills through experience, but his experience is only a personal one. The experiences have not become the universal learning yet. If he is taught the learning approach, he will be able to systematize the personal experiences into the laws and change the personal life experiences into the learning. His systematized experiences have the possibility of becoming universal treasures not only for him, but also for mankind as he has the possibility to pass on his systematized experience to others. The educational mission of IOND University is to change personal experiences into learning for the benefit of the world. I wish you happiness and future success.

                  President (Provost),  Dr. Ortega I. Nakano ,Ph.D.